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Download our scripts for free and extend your InDesign with useful additional functions.

Meet Octopus. A truly fascinating creature.

An octopus living in the sea has nine brains, three hearts and eight arms. He has a special character, a short and a long term memory and finds his way around mazes. Its lack of a skeleton makes it extremely agile, and it has light-sensitive skin – which ensures that it can adapt to its surroundings at lightning speed.

Exactly these characteristics apply to our InDesign scripts from Octopus. Scripts, that make your InDesign better and allow you to work faster and more flexibly. At the same time, scripts are easy to use . The intuitive user interface makes them easy to use, even for those who don’t like scripts.

Version 2.0 has been improved for you and made more fail-safe. There is also a great new feature. Read more here.

There is also a new script, the exporter which helps you to get PDFs and other file formats faster.

Your little helping arms for InDesign:

A few scripts to try out

Script: Display

Configure in a window how you want the InDesign files to be displayed. With one click you can see the pages the way you want to see them.

Script: Font Management

Organize your and your clients' fonts into client or project folders and activate them with one click.

Script: Watermark

Allows you to insert watermarks directly into your layouts. The text elements are protected so that they cannot be deleted again in a PDF file, for example.

Christoph Steffens introduces:

That's what Project Octopus is all about:

The first step is the easiest. Install "Octopus

There are only a few steps necessary to integrate Octopus into your InDesign. Just watch the video:

Updates and security included, and all free of charge:

The advantages of Octopus

Further development

We are constantly working on improving our scripts. Thanks to automatic updates, Octopus is constantly improving, problems are solved quickly and functions are added to scripts. We are open to changes. Help us optimize Octopus and share your ideas with us.

Data economy

During the development we have put emphasis on the fact that the use works without any transmission of your personal data. No registration is required. If you want to be informed about news, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter.

No hidden costs

We believe in the power of free knowledge sharing and strive to make solutions for InDesign more accessible. With Octopus, we want to give you the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge so that you can use the full potential of InDesign.

A look behind the scenes

The scripters

We present to you the architects of the InDesign scripts: Gerald Singelmann and Roland Dreger. These two visionary developers are adding a new dimension to the creative process and transforming the way we use InDesign.

Gerald Singelmann

is a freelance automation expert in Reinbek near Hamburg. From web programming to workflow systems to InDesign integration: whatever makes the customer's life easier is done.

Roland Dreger

works as a freelance scriptwriter and graphic designer in Vienna, Austria. He specializes in automated layout creation in
Adobe InDesign.

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What the inventors say

Christoph Steffens .

Scripts help to perform recurring tasks automatically. Automation can minimize human error by reducing weak points in the process. Our thoughtfully programmed scripts make complex tasks less error-prone overall.

Katharina Frerichs .

Automating tasks in workflows in general, and here in the InDesign environment in particular, ensures that certain elements are always used consistently. Using scripts can still encourage InDesign users to learn more about their program.

Gerald Singelmann .

Programming a script can be adapted to the specific needs of the project. This allows you to get their work done faster and more effectively. Automation allows more time to be spent on creative design and production. More security, more consistency, more stability.

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Download the Octopus installer here:

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