Custom placeholder text

The placeholder text provided by InDesign offers is too boring and monotonous for you? Then use this script!

Get placeholder text written by ChatGPT

Placeholder texts are often needed in the conception phase. But “Lorem Ipsum Dolor” is boring and there is often no time to write lyrics. Just let the AI write a suitable text for you and copy it directly into your layout.

The “Placeholder text” script works as simply as this

1. Select a text frame.

2. Start the script.

3. Describe what you want your text to be about – why Stuttgart is so beautiful, what’s great about InDesign or a recipe for ratatouille.

The script passes the request to ChatGPT and inserts the answer into the text frame! Wow, so simple!

This is how easy it is to get beautiful placeholder texts

In the video you will learn how easy it is to let the AI write a text.


Don’t worry! The script passes the prompt, i.e., the text, with the request to the Octopus server.

The server communicates with ChatGPT and takes the answer.

The script makes sure that the text ends up in your document.

ChatGPT knows nothing about you, your document, or that the request comes from you!

This script is a beta version, so it is not final.

In addition to that we use a ChatGPT account, which doesn’t allow faster processing.

But the script is certainly quicker than if you would copy the alternative text from the internet… right?

Download the Octopus installer here:

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