Terms of business


All scripts of Project-Octopus.net are made with love and expertise.

We took the utmost care at every step and tried to think of everything. Our scripts are thoroughly tested and are in daily use.

Nevertheless, we can of course not guarantee the functionality of the scripts. If a script doesn’t work for you as we described or as you expect, we’re sorry.

Please use all scripts from Project-Octopus at your own risk and, in case of doubt, on duplicates of your files.

We are not liable for any damage caused to software, computer or files.

Processing your data

We analyze data from your computer anonymously.

Take a look at the directory …\cs_octopus\logs. There you will find a file called run_log.txt. The data in this file are trasnmitted anonymously to our server.

What data is processed?

There are 4 data sets involved. First, the date and time when a script was started, followed by the name of the script. This is followed by two loooong and cryptic blocks of numbers and letters. The first is a timestamp representing the number of milliseconds since 1.1.1970. That’s “a JavaScript thing”! And the second is a unique user-related identification number randomly assigned by Adobe.
None of these data sets are suitable to draw conclusions about the user, meaning you! The data are and remain anonymous!

Why is data processed?

We want to know if and to what extent which script is used. If we find that scripts are not being used, we don’t have to worry about maintaining them, for example, when we update InDesign. This data helps us to keep track and get feedback.

Download the Octopus installer here:

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