What is Octopus doing on my computer?

With the dashboard you keep the overview!

You are the most important thing for us! As well as your data and your computer!

We are aware that with Octopus we place executable programs on your computer. So you know what we’re doing and where we’re putting the data, there’s the “dashboard”

Keep the overview

With the dashboard you can see where Octopus stores what

“Zeige Octopus Verzeichnisse” opens the folders on your operating system where the Octopus has placed data. Everything completely transparent!

You will also see all the scripts that Octopus has placed on your computer. A small description and possibly a link to the website will give you more information.

If you ever have problems with the scripts or you think you don’t have the latest version, use the “Reinstall Octopus” button and you will get a set of fresh scripts installed.

Download the Octopus installer here:

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