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Answers about InDesign scripts and Project Octopus

You can completely or partially automate time-consuming tasks or complex processes with scripts. That way recurring tasks can be done in no time. Combine multiple tasks with automation and execute them with just one click. This is especially useful when you are working on larger projects with many  different elements.

A good example of a comprehensive script would be the automated creation of a product catalog that has to be filled with content from a database.

But even simpler tasks can be solved well with a script, like exporting to a certain file format over and over again.

And you can solve many more tasks with scripts.

We have years of experience in scripting, using InDesign and developing automation solutions. Over time, we  often realized that using scripts could further improve our favorite tool. However, we noticed from time to time that some InDesign users have doubts when using scripts.

Octopus takes away those doubts because the scripts come with a new user interface, a clear dashboard and easy handling. This gives even scripting grouchs the opportunity to get easy access to this great technology.

Everything about the “Project Octopus” is completely free of charge.

You don't have to pay with money or your data!

No subscription. No hidden costs. No advertising. We promise!

First of all, you don't have to provide any personal information to gain access to the script.

We also cannot trace the path Octopus takes from us to your computer.

And of course, the use of the script is anonymous for you. The usage data, which we absolutely need for the further development of the scripts, are evaluated anonymously. Further details about the processing of your data can be found in our AGBs.

The “Project Octopus” was created by the company Satzkiste GmbH and Gerald Singelmann.

Satzkiste GmbH is a media service provider in Stuttgart, Germany. Typesetting, automated solutions and consulting/training around InDesign and InCopy topics are the core competencies of Satzkiste GmbH.

Gerald Singelmann is a gifted scripter and co-creator.

  1. Download the Octopus installer. You can get the download at
  2. Right-click on the link and use the “Save link as…” option.
  3. Go to InDesign, open the "Scripts" palette (via Windows > Utilities > Scripts)
  4. Right-click the Users' folder in the palette, then click "Show in Explorer" or "Show in Finder".
  5. Put the file “Octopus-Installer.jsx” into this folder
  6. Go back to InDesign. Double-click on the added script “Octopus-Installer.jsx” in the “Scripts” palette.
  7. Confirm the installation
  8. Close InDesign and restart it
  9. “Octopus” is now ready to be installed. You can see the newly added menu item “Octopus” in the menu bar above.

Copy the URL

manually into your browser. The JSX file should then automatically load into your download folder.

We do not guarantee anything! Except that we made the software with love 💗 and tested it with perseverance 🥵.

The scripts should work on Windows and macOS from 10.14 and InDesign version CC 2020.

To help you keep track of everything, we made the script "Octopus Dashboard". The button "Show Octopus directories" opens them in your operating system.

Windows: 🪟

...\Adobe\InDesign\Version [version number]\en_GB\Scripts\Startup Scripts
...\Adobe\InDesign\Version [version number]\en_GB\Scripts Panel
...\Preferences\Adobe InDesign\Version [version number]\en_DE\Scripts Panel\octopus\cs_octopus_[version number]
...\cs_octopus_[version number]

macOs 🍏

.../Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version [version number]/en_GB/Scripts/Scripts Panel/octopus
.../Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version [version number]/en_GB/Scripts/Startup Scripts
.../Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version [version number]/en_GB/Scripts/Scripts Panel
.../ApplicationSupport/cs_octopus_[version number]

Currently, (May 2023) you cannot choose which scripts you want or don't want to have. The current use of Project-Octopus comes with a user interface that includes all available scripts.

If you use Project-Octopus then you get the scripts installed that we share.

We stand by our good name that we responsibly deal with the project, the scripts, and your computer!

Congratulations! 🎖️

Feel free to send us an e-mail and describe to us what behavior you expected and what behavior of the software you observed.

Please write in which operating system and program version you observed the error.

We are very happy if you enjoy Project Octopus and the scripts make your everyday work easier. 😊

If you would like to support us, we would be happy if you use your opportunities to make the project more known. Inform colleagues, friends and use your social media.

If you want to support us financially, you have the possibility via PayPal. But you don't have to!!

We can also talk about other ways, just come up to us and let's talk.

We would be happy to create the right script for your publications to match your workflow. We will advise you on your special request without obligation.

Feel free to e-mail us!

Problems with the "Type Library" while installing Octopus or after an InDesign update can sometimes be resolved by starting InDesign once with administrator rights.

In Explorer, right-click on the InDesign.exe and select 'Start as administrator'.

Download the Octopus installer here:

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