OpenType Features

If you are interested in typography, you love OpenType fonts. If you love OpenType fonts, you'll love the script!

All OpenType options in one window - a dream come true

Well-developed OpenType fonts support a large number of glyphs that are structured in format sets. Other features are built in by great font designers. However, InDesign makes it difficult to access them. The solution approach of this Octopus script fixes this vulnerability and gives you access to the whole variety of your shifts.

In a nutshell:

With our script you have quick access to settings that are otherwise hidden in InDesign

Basic functions

Select a text or activate a text frame.
If you now start the script, you will see all the OpenType features that the font designer has packed into the font(s).
In the header of the script window you can see the font name(s) for which the features are displayed.

You can also see “format sets” that are available and easily activate and deactivate them.

If these format records have names, these will of course be displayed here. Otherwise it just says “Set 1” and so on.

Character format

If you like the configuration you have chosen, you can cast it directly into a new drawing format.

Are you looking for a font that contains certain glyphs? Then use the “Type search”.

For example, if you need a zero that contains a vertical bar, search for the tag “zero”. If required, restrict the search to all fonts that have the “book” section. In my case, this applies to the two fonts “DINosaur” and “Meta Serif Pro”. You can then use the “Assign” button to assign this font directly to the selected text.

Download the Octopus installer here:

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